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Catalogue of PP Woven Mat Machinery

Mixing Machine P.P. Straw Extruding Machine Warping Machine Automatic Jacquard Weaving Machine Sewing Machine Design Card Size: 36'', 48'', 60'', 72'', 78''.

Catalogue of Fan Guard Making Plant (1)

1. Inner Circle Spot Welder
Model: CG-2M1 (12’’~18’’), CG-2M1 (12’’~24’’)

2. Auto Rolling Cutter
Model: CW-2

3. Outside Circle Spot Welder
Model: CHL-4A (12’’~24’’)

4. Middle Circle Spot Welder
Model: CH-4A (12’’~24’’)

Spiral Fan Guard Welder

Spiral Fan Guard Welder
Model: TKSA-11S-754S