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Circular Loom

PLC controls weft density, warp tention, feed yarn synchronize. Bigger capacity for shuttles. Get higher efficiency. Energy-efficient Mechanical Structure. Easy Repairing and Maintenance

Stove Frame Making Machine

1. Auto Rolling Cutter Model: TKSA-11-35S 2. 60 KVA Butting Machine Model: TKSA-13-60S 3. 60 KVA Spot Welder Model: TKSA-604T 4. 300 KVA Stove Frame Welder Model: TKSA-12-60S

Strong Breaker

Model: TK-750, TK-750DB   Strong Breaker has strong crushing capacity and high efficiency for breaking waste materials. You can put the waste materials from the inlet. After processing by the strong breaker, the waste materials will be broken into smaller pieces. We can offer you the suitable mach